jeudi 7 juillet 2011

dark emissary pour Studio Mc Vey

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Dr. Willett's Workshop a dit…

J'ai vu une version peinte sur le FB du Studio MCvey. Bravo, un superbe boulot!

Khaira a dit…

Nice work... :)t

Anonyme a dit…

I have read through almost all of the comments on this site to find out as much information as I can about your sculpting techniques. I have gathered that you are using a mix of FIMO Classic (-02) and Mix Quick in varying ratios depending on what you are sculpting. I also know that you are using some custom tools along with Colour Shapers. Do you have specific Colour Shapers that you find work best? I have watched some of the videos on Figurines-TV and have noticed some helpful techniques. Do you know if there are any videos of you at work? Also, would you be willing to post a photo of your workspace and tools?
Thank you for sharing your work with us and for all of your responses!

alyann a dit…


I don't have time to make videos; i will take a look at what's avaible if you need my opinion :)
Abouut tools, i'll make a picture soon, but there arn't secrets.
a sharp blade to remove putty without twisting the mini
Some self made very small blades: faletn a 1mm wire with a plier then shape it with a file, and finnally whet the edge.
To shape: color shaper and sharpened manucurist wood sticks.
Each sculptor does the tools he needs, everyon has different ones.
The most important is sculpting, technic comes after, so it's more usefull to take lesson with a teacher and a model.
Ask me all you want, i try to answer fats