vendredi 6 août 2010

Y'Sidyra pour studio mac Vey

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David a dit…

So, Y'Sala and Y'Sidyra have very similar names, and similar sculps, with the same sorts of ribbons hanging off them. What is the connection? Do they have any backstory? I saw that you did the original concept for Y'Sala, so I was wondering if you invented the character as well.

alyann a dit…


i just worked on design and sculpture, Mr mac Vey did find the names :)

Simply, as he did like the first one, he asked me for a male character with the same kind of design.

There is no background, just a few ideas i did like. Then i did draw and sculpt around. I did my best to allow alternativ painting, so it is quite easy to make "good" elves versions.

I like a lot your paintings :)